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Land Division

Land division of property in the State of Oregon is guided by land use planning laws and principles.  Many of these regulations and processes are not always straightforward to the typical landowner and may even vary between jurisdictions.  At Bagett, Griffith & Blackman we play an integral role in the process. We not only determine the best configuration to fit the needs of the landowners while being compliant with zoning ordinances, but also in guiding landowners through an oftentimes unfamiliar planning process.

Lot Line Adjustments

Sometimes landowners are not interested in dividing property, opting instead to adjust the common line between two or more properties.  This may be to alleviate an encroachment, or to have a configuration more agreeable to the landowners.  In this case, adjustment of common lines still requires a planning process to execute.

Contact our office if you have more questions about land divisions or property line adjustments.

Other useful links:

Visit Oregon Revised Statutes regarding the division of land and adjustment of property lines.

Individual jurisdictions have their own zoning laws and are thus guided by city ordinances.  Here is a list of publicly available City/County ordinances in NE Oregon:


Island City

Wallowa County


Union County

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