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Property Line Surveys

Whether you’re considering constructing a new fence on your 2,000 sq. ft. city lot or 2,000 acre ranch, knowing where your title lines are will help keep potential conflicts between neighbors to a minimum. Surveying a tract of land requires researching deed records, making measurements between survey monuments, and weighing the historic and physical evidence, all while applying legal principles to determine where one person’s property rights end and another’s begins. A lot of the complexity of a property survey can depend on the history of how property boundaries in an area came to be created and how much reliable survey information there is in the area. Due to the variation in the complexity of a property survey, there is no typical boundary survey. Therefore, there is really no standard price for a boundary survey.

Contact our office and we can discuss what it might take to find your property corners.

To see if your property has been previously surveyed, check out the Union County PLSS Monumentation GIS website.

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